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    Cannabis Infused Products & Tinctures

    Natural. Consistent. Delicious.

  • As seen on the Joe Rogan Experience

    The powerful Joe Rogan knows how to Jambo!

    Joe's 12 spray story

    How does the most powerful podcaster like to consume cannabis? By using Jambo of course! In this clip Joe tells Jimmy Dore the tale of taking 12 Jambo sprays before he interviewed the great Sam Harris.

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    Jambo THC Spray

    The most enjoyable way to microdose!

    • Available in 200mg or 500mg bottles
    • 1oz bottle
    • 1mg or 3mg per spray (200mg/500mg)
    • Available in Sweet Cinnamon & Clean Mint
    • Paleo, Keto, Vegan, No Sugar

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    Jambo THC Drops

    Turn anything into an edible or apply directly under the tongue!

    • 300mg 
    • 2oz bottle
    • 5mg per dropper
    • Graduated dropper
    • Dosing guide on bottle
    • Paleo, Keto, Vegan, No Sugar


    Joe Rogan loves our Muscle Balm.

    Click below to get one for yourself!

  • How do you Jambo?

    Learn a few tips from the Jambo Team, trust us we're professionals.

    THC Spray Tutorial

    Interested in learning how to use a Jambo THC Spray? Our founder Johg Ananda wants to learn how to use our products.

    Get High with the Jambo Team

    What do you like to do when you're stoned? Find out some of the activities the Jambo team enjoys while using Jambo THC products.

    Yoga is better with Jambo

    Forget sitting on the couch! Moving your body feels great on Jambo! Learn some tips from our founder and resident dry humor expert Johg Ananda.

  • FAQ

    You've got questions. We have answers

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    We offer a selection of flavors and functions that suit any pallet or preference! If you're just starting with Cannabis the Jambo 200mg Breath Spray is made for you. At 1mg per spray, it's a perfect way to accurately find your effective amount of THC.

    More experienced individuals will love our 500mg Breath Spray that has 3mg per spray so you can crank up the volume easily without overdoing it.

    Our unflavored tincture is great for anyone and allows you to easily measure out your dose and add THC to any food or beverage of your choice.


    If you are new to cannabis, it's always best to start slow. Two(2) sprays of the 200mg breath spray is a good place to start.


    The effects generally start within 30-60 minutes, though sometimes can take up to 2 hours or set in as soon as 20 minutes.

    Since the Jambo sprays and drops are absorbed in the mouth using our lipophilic recipe rather than digested in the stomach, the effects can come on slightly faster than traditional edibles.


    The effects of THC are a little different for each person. Only you can judge how much Jambo it takes to achieve your desired effect.


    We recommend "calibrating" yourself the first time you try Jambo.


    1. On a calm day when you have little to do, take 2-3 mg of THC (2 sprays of our 200mg or 1 spray of our 500 mg) And wait 2 hours.

    2. Judge how you feel. Do feel nothing? Do you want to feel more? are you just right? If you want to feel more, spray 1-3mg more, wait an hour. Baby steps are key! The effect of oral cannabis is exponential meaning the difference between 2mg and 4mg is not double it can be triple, remember you can always take more you can't take less.

    3. If you STILL feel like you want more, you may be a high dose hero! Go ahead and take 3-6mg more, but be aware doubling your dosing can really slingshot you into outer space. Don't forget your space suit. Wait for another hour.

    4. Once you hit that "feels so good" spot congratulation you have found your dose! You now know Exactly how many sprays you need to hit the spot any time you want!


    No, as long as you ingest the product, it will work. Everyone's onset time is different, experiment to find out how your body responds. Start slow!


    We aren't sure?? No one on the Jambo team has eaten a joint before. Unfortunately, smoking cannabis and spraying cannabis isn't the same. Human's process the cannaboids in different parts of our body when smoking vs spraying.


    Don't worry, we've all been there. Stay calm, breath and relax. Remember YOU WILL BE OK. Get yourself to a calm quiet place, that makes you feel good like your bedroom, backyard or a park then check out our guided meditations and follow one from start to finish.

    Movement helps calm your system, do yoga, put on an upbeat song with positive lyrics and dance. Do a simple chore like organizing your closet and really focus on it. Or take a nap.

    Sitting still and allowing yourself to become overwhelmed with paranoid thoughts is what you want to avoid.

    If you have a CBD product, like a Jambo CBD spray, use that. CBD helps counter the undesired effects of THC, nature's nice like that.


    And remember, Do: Yoga, Meditate, Stretch. DO NOT: Drive or watch the news.


    The Jambo THC products are rich in THC and contain very little to no CBD. But worry not, Jambo also makes full spectrum CBD products that can be delivered right to your door. Check them out here


    We test for everything from Heavy Metals to Pesticides and everything in between.


    Natural, Consistent, and Delicious; That's the Jambo way. We have always used the highest quality ingredients at Jambo and that, of course, includes cannabis. All of our products are tested in accordance with the Bureau of Cannabis Control and California Dept. of Public Health. See our lab test here.



    You can find Jambo at licensed retailers across all of California. Check our store locator for the location nearest to you. Is your favorite retailer not carrying Jambo yet? Well, now you get to be the coolest cat in town when you tell them about Jambo! Just ask the staff to contact us and we'll take care of the rest.


    Jambo lead the industry by being the first to lab test all of its products since 2014!

  • Jambo is made for discerning consumers

    by cannabis loving health enthusiasts trying to make the world a little more lovely.


    Since 2014 our goal has been to make the most delicious infused products that redefine what a cannabis experience can be like. From our ethical choice to use the healthiest whole food ingredients available to our innovative dose customization delivery systems, we've dedicated ourselves to creating premium, trustworthy, easy to use edibles you can feel great about using yourself or even recommending to your mom.

    We believe when used with respect, cannabis is a life-changing and spiritually uplifting experience. It is our goal to help expand cannabis use beyond its current subculture into a wider, more joy-filled, life-affirming practice of self-care and celebration.

    About Us

    Jambo creates award-winning, cannabis-infused tinctures and edibles, widely reported by industry influencers to be one of the best cannabis experiences available.

    The company was born out of our founder's need for an edible that was trustworthy: easy to dose, clean, consistent, and made of good ingredients. The market at the time was underserved, the products available were un-tested, poorly labeled, made of high fructose corn syrup and processed foods, they were impossible to dose consistently and often sent people on "bad trips".

    This was not acceptable to our founders who met each-other a few years before and bonded over their love of whole-foods, yoga and personal development.

    To solve this problem founders Johg and Shannon began experimenting in their home kitchen using recipes from Joe's long history in the health industry and Shannon's background in herbalism and perfumery. Together they innovated ways of extracting and infusing cannabis into a myriad of delicious whole-food based edibles. After many late nights and lots of trial and error, they perfected our first edible, the cookie dough truffle and won their first award in the High Times Cannabis Cup. Although only two years into their own relationship, Joe and Shannon decided to bootstrap the company together with their own savings and Jambo was born.

    Our team has since expanded, and to us cannabis is more than just a lifestyle and a business, We believe that cannabis paired with motivation, movement and mantra (good mental thoughts) help people to discover the beauty that surrounds them every day even when times are tough, allows them to see the opportunities unique to their life and to simply enjoy being human. Whether you're young and hungry for a fun party or mature and ready for some quiet, Jambo is here to help you truly appreciate this crazy trip we share called life.

    Since our founding the industry has matured and Jambo has continued to grow along with it, now manufactured in a state licensed facility serving the California Dispensary market all over the state. Our products are true to time-honored lipid infusion processes and allow our customers to easily find their perfect dose every time, from micro-dose mamas to high dose heroes.

    We hope you feel the thought and care that goes into our products, we hope your Jambo experience is exactly what you need it to be and most of all we hope you let us know what you think, we are always excited for customer feedback, after all this crazy ride would not be possible without our customers, like you.

    - Jambo Team


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  • Guided Meditation, Relaxing Sounds & Playlists

    Enjoy some of our favorite meditations and music curated by our founder, Jöhg Ananda


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